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Entry #1

Flash in the works

2007-11-16 13:45:58 by MJMCartoonProduction

Hello everyone!

Im currently in the middle of my first flash that is to be uploaded to newgrounds!
When its up i hope it is enjoyed by all (lol)
Its going to be a fighting action movie including some characters that have been based on the concept art mostly they are antromorphic animals and robots well they may be.

Also visit these links for more information on my stuff.

My temporary MJMCartoonproductions site

My blog with random and rough wierd concept art

The first one is a site for MJMCartoonProductions flash junk and good flashes etc. and it isnt completed since its temporary,it is kindof helpful though.

My blog is full of updates on past projects new updates are added once a week!

I also have a forum. you can find all this on my NG profile in the site button or on my site etc.

Also i do not know when the flash will be finished since i have real life etc. and more important things but i know that i will definetely get it done fairly soon!!!

thats all!

Flash in the works


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